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Basketball Links

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Coach's Clipboard Basketball Store
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Coaching Links
Basketball HQ
Basketball Coach Weekly
Leading Leaders: The Secret to Performance
World of Basketball
Basketball Coaches Club
HOOPZONE Basketball
Coaching Toolbox
Basketball On A Triangle (free practice drills)
Basketball Drills and Plays
Coach's Notebook
Hoops U
Basketball Coaching - In Search of Excellence

Basketball Associations
BCAM - Basketball Association of Michigan
AAU Sports
National AAU Girls Basketball
Youth Basketball of America
All American Sports
NCAA Rules
High School Rules -
FIBA Rules
England Basketball

Camps, Clinics
Ganon Baker
Jason Otter's Basketball School
Youth Basketball Camps

Product Reviews
Tom Nordland's SWISH Video
The Basketball IntelliGym™
Book Reviews

Coaching Message Boards
Basketball Coaching eGroup Please join the group... discuss all sorts of coaching issues. Novices are encouraged to join, as you can tap into a lot of experience and free advice.

Stat Tracker, a great easy way of keeping stats on your iPad or Android device - (for iPad) - (for Android).
eBA Stats


Swish Videos/DVD's

See this review of the Swish Video

The Basketball IntelliGym™
Jamie Angeli's Virtual Basketball Coach
Jes-Soft Playbook Software (most of the court graphics on this site were created with Jes-Soft). - An athletic recruiting resource providing information to student athletes to help them achieve their full athletic potential.

Directory Recreation Directory)

Championship Productions - DVD's and books
Coach's Clipboard Basketball DVDs Store

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Basketball books and DVDs

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Copyright © James A. Gels, all rights reserved.
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