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Product Review: "Ralph Miller's Pressure Basketball"

This review will discuss both a video tape, Ralph Miller's Pressure Basketball and the paperback book, A System of Game Execution (Observations of Ralph Miller's Pressure Basketball) by Steve Seidler.

This is an excellent video tape and book put forth by Steve Seidler, assistant coach to the legendary Ralph Miller of Oregon State University. Ralph Miller was one of the most successful coaches in the history of the game and developed his system of "pressure basketball" over his many years of coaching.

The tape is excellent, with Coach Miller explaining all the important aspects of his basketball system. Each important point is discussed in detail by Coach Miller, and then demonstrated with game or practice video clips highlighting his OSU team. Not only does the coach point out "good things" on the video clips, but also is quick to criticize when his players dribble too much, or do something else not quite up to his standards. It is a real pleasure to listen to this legendary coach explain his system and concepts, and keys to the success that he has had over the years. I would highly recommend this tape.

The paperback book written by Coach Seidler is a good companion to the tape. The book does have several chapters reviewing the history of the Oregon State University basketball program and its successes and highlights. These chapters are valuable to OSU fans and the people involved over the years in that program. While these chapters are not really necessary for the non-OSU coach or fan, reading them will give the outsider a respect for what was accomplished there and how to build a program. The "meat" of the book however, discusses all the aspects of the pressure basketball system, both offensive and defensive aspects (with diagrams), team concept, the importance of speed, and conditioning. Also included are the drills used by the OSU teams to develop the skills needed to implement the pressure basketball system. Good job, Steve!

I would highly recommend that you add this video and paperback to your coaching library.

Legendary Ralph Miller's full-court man-to-man pressure defense

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