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Coach's Clipboard Players CD... designed for players.

Coach's Clipboard Player's CD/USB

CD -- $16.00 (plus shipping)
USB thumb drive -- $18.50 (plus shipping)

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This CD is for players wanting to improve their fundamentals, skills, and understanding of the game. This CD is not available in stores and you won't find anything like it elsewhere. The CD includes all of the articles devoted to player development including mental aspects. Several animations and all of the video clips are included.

Quantity discount - if you would like to purchase multiple CDs/USB drives at a discounted rate, please contact us.
A better option however might be the Youth Basketball Team/Group Membership (15 users - $69.95).

All of the video clips are included (ball-handling drills, dribbling (one and two ball) drills, dribble-moves, general important fundamentals, guard and post player tips). Click to see what's included: Player Development Articles, Animations, & Video Clips - Use the CD's "Copy" utility to copy all of the files to your hard drive for faster operation. See a screen-shot.

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Coach's Clipboard Players Combo Pack

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Get the Combo Pack which includes both this Deluxe Coach's CD and the Player's CD, at a reduced price of $48.00!

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