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Sideline Interactive Scoring Tables, Backlit Scorer's Table and LED Video Displays

Sideline Interactive scoring tables

Sideline Interactive is a Texas-based company that designs, manufactures and distributes very high quality interactive scoring tables, backlit scorer's tables, and LED video displays for athletic organizations at all levels - professional, college, high school and amateur organizations.

It's not often one gets excited about the scorer's table unless there's some controversy over an official's call.

You'll be blown away when you see Sideline Interactive's scorer's table. Sideline Interactive has just redefined what a scoring table should do - raise money for schools, make it exciting in the gym, and help coaches be more productive with new coaching tools.

Once you see Sideline's scoring digital LED screen run a game presentation loop of advertising, game film replay (using HUDL, Krossover, or your regular camcorder), player starting-lineup, and play clock, you will fully appreciate just what a great system this is.

See Sideline's Interactive gallery of digital scoring tables and backlit scorer's tables..

Digital Scorer's Table

Sideline Interactive creates a scorer's table that makes money for basketball and volleyball program through the ability to play advertising during games, all in a clean professional setting. Schools can insert an unlimited number of digital ads into the presentation loop.

Now schools have the same technologies as the NBA and D1 University teams but at a price that's affordable and becomes a permanent fundraiser for schools.

In addition, coaches can use Sideline's scorer's table to run video replay, use it as a scoreboard, or diagram out play on the screen for athletes to watch; all from the scoring table. Imagine, no more having to roll out the projector or bring kids back to the film room during practice. It all makes the job of the coach that much easier translating the chalkboard to the court.

Dung Chau, the founder of Sideline Interactive, gave a demo of the product. He said, "Schools have been making a lot of money selling advertising on the table. We help schools set up the ad programs. Every school has made their money back the first year. Coaches appreciate how much time it saves them and gives them a new way of reaching their students through play diagramming and video replay- all from the scorer's table."

David Smola at Cathedral Catholic High School in San Diego, CA, said, "We raised $30,000 in sponsorship our first season. This was the easiest money we've made in fundraising."

Sideline Interactive scoring table video

The scorer's table comes with a computer which is preloaded with software Apps for Unlimited Advertising, Starting Line-Up, Film Replay (HUDL, Krossover), and more features. The software is very easy to use. Within 3 minutes, you can create your own presentation loop for a game. You can run slideshows during games that incorporate school spirit, athletic and academic accomplishments and advertising. You can sync video and score with the Next Gen Video Display. Use the table as a mobile scoreboard for practices and camps. On Parent's Night, Senior Night, and pep rallies, use the table as an information board.

Advertisers will love seeing their ads in the middle of the floor gym as part of the presentation loop. No more donating to get an ad buried in the back of the program guide, but a real ad that shows a quality advertising rate of return. It just makes selling ads so much easier.

Sideline's Interactive Scoring Tables come in sectional lengths of 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft. You can combine each table section together to form an unlimited lenth such as 8ft and 12ft scorer's table together to get a 20ft scoring table

Digital Scoring Tables

As part of their demonstration, a coach was challenged to test the durability of the Sideline's table. Here's a photo of the coach jumping on the table to test its' durability. At one point, three coaches stood on the table at the same time! Basketballs and volleyballs can hurled at the LED screens. It took the abuse easily. The table is made of all metal (for years of use) with plenty of safety padding around. The Sideline scorer's table is all about engineering quality and the software is so easy to use.

Sideline Interactive scoring tables - built strong!
Sideline Interactive scoring tables - built strong!

As well, Sideline Interactive Videoboards feature super bright LED screens. It has all the capabilities of the scorer's table. They both sync up together with Sideline's GamePresenter software. The videoboards attach to an existing scoreboard and creates an affordable jumbotron screen in your gym.

Sideline Interactive scoring tables and overhead scoreboard

This isn't your Dad's old scoring table any more. Sideline Interactive brings technology (and fundraising) into the gym in a big way.

"These are all pretty cool products, and the inclusion of advertising should not only help them pay for themselves, but should also help you eventually see a profit. Give it a look if you are serious about building a successful basketball program!" - Coach Gels

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