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Basketball Team Links

The Coach's Clipboard has had requests to provide a listing of youth and school-related basketball web-sites. You can have your web-site listed here for free. The only condition is a return link please back to the Coach's Clipboard on your web-site. This is a quality link for your web-site given the Coach's Clipboard's large volume of free coaching and player development tools. See Instructions below. In order to keep the list up to date, please e-mail of any expired or "dead" links. Thank you!

USA Links

International Links

Instructions for getting your web-site listed:
E-mail with the following information:
  • Your team's name
  • Your team's web-site URL
  • Where your team is located
  • The URL of the page that has the return link back to the Coach's Clipboard.
When linking to the Coach's Clipboard, you can copy and paste the html code below.
(Highlight the code with your mouse, right-click on the highlighted code and select "Copy". Then paste it into your page.)

If you prefer to use a graphic image as your return link to the Coach's Clipboard, go to the graphics page.

In order to keep the list up to date, please e-mail of any expired or "dead" links. Thank you!

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Copyright © James A. Gels, all rights reserved.
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