Basketball Plays - 1-4 Offense Pick and Roll Plays

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Here are a couple of simple pick and roll plays that you can run (against man-tom-man defense) out of the 1-4 stack offense.

1-4 High Post Pick and Roll, "45"

This is a simple high post pick and roll play where the pass goes to the player rolling off the screen (also see Setting Screens).

O1 is at the point, O2, O3,O4 and O5 stack across, at the free-throw line extended.

O1 calls the play and starts to dribble to the right to clear a passing lane. A jab step to the right or a pass fake to the right might work as well. Or O1 could pass to O2, and O2 to can make the pass inside.

O4 sets a pick for O5 and seals the X5 defender.

1-4 Stack Offense pick and roll play

O5 cuts around the pick. O4's defender (X4) will probably switch and go with O5 on the cut. 1-4 Stack Offense pick and roll play

O5 takes the X4 defender with him to the baseline (out of the way and out of the paint).

O4 now has inside position on the X5 defender and cuts to the hoop, for the lob pass from O1.

1-4 Stack Offense pick and roll play

1-4 Stack, Post-Point Pick ‘n Roll, "41"

This play uses a simple high post screen for the point guard, and then the seal and roll by the screener (see Setting Screens). The same side wing (O2) slides deep into the corner to clear his/her defender out. This makes the wing O2 available for a "kick-out" pass to the corner for the outside shot (3-point shot).

1-4 offense pick and roll play