Five-Star Basketball Drills

On - Five-Star Basketball Drills by Howard Garfinkel, revised edition.
This is a really excellent book on developing fundamental skills in your players. This book is full of the drills that are taught in the elite Five-Star Basketball Camps, a program whose graduates include over 100 NBA players (Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas, Patrick Ewing, Moses Malone, Mark Aguirre, Jim Paxson, Dominique Wilkins, Kelly Tripucka, Jeff Ruland, and others), and over 5000 college "scholarship" players. So obviously these are the drills to use! This book and Krause's Skills and Drills book (above) are both excellent resources for drills.

I highly recommend this book for your coaching library and regular use. It has something for everyone, including beginners, high-school, college and professional players. If you could own only two basketball books, buy Jerry Krause's Coaching Basketball, and this one (or Krause's Basketball Skills and Drills- see above).