Basketball: Steps to Success

On - Basketball: Steps to Success by Hal Wissel.
Coach Wissel is a highly regarded teacher of the game, being an assistant coach for the Memphis Grizzlies, and owner of Basketball World, where he runs many camps and clinics. This book is excellent for players and for coaches who want to become better teachers of the fundamentals. Chapters include "Balance and Quickness", "Passing and Catching", "Dribbling", "Shooting", "Rebounding", "Offensive Moves with the Ball", "Moving Without the Ball", "Fast Break", "Team Offense", and "Team Defense". I find myself referring back to this easy to read, well-illustrated book quite often.

From Hubie Brown, longtime NBA coach, analyst and basketball guru... "Hal Wissel demonstrates to the world why he is recognized as one of America's top-rated basketball clinicians. A must-read for players and coaches at all levels of play."