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Basketball Drill - Rebounding Box-Out Drill

By Dr. James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook

Here's a good rebounding, box-out drill, as well as a shooting drill.

Make two lines... the shooting line on the wing, and the defense, box-out line at the free-throw line.

Give the ball to the wing player. Have the first player in the defensive line move over to defend the wing player. Have the wing take a good shot (defense should let him/her shoot the shot). Then as soon as the shot is released, the defender turns and boxes the shooter out and gets the rebound (even if the shot is made). The shooter tries to get the rebound (but no second shots are allowed as this is mainly a box-out drill).

If the offensive player gets the rebound, the defender has to run a lap. They get the message soon about the importance of boxing out.

As an added feature, I also want to stress the importance of making good passes. So I want to see a good pass from the rebounder back out to the next player in the shooting line. If the rebounder makes a bad pass out, he/she runs a lap!

Boxing-out drill

Helpful DVDs:

Here are several Helpful DVDs, including one from Tom Izzo, Michigan State Head Coach, whose teams are noted for their tough rebounding.

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Competitive Rebounding Drills
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