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Basketball Drill - 4-Corners Footwork Drill

By James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook

This drill teaches a few things at once, the jump-stop, reverse pivot, and crisp passing.

It starts with 4 lines, a ball at the front of each line. The 4 lines begin in 4 corners of a square, about 25 feet apart facing each other.

On the whistle, all 4 lines speed dribble toward each other with a target near the top of the arc. All 4 players jump-stop about 3 feet before they collide (forming a small circle) and reverse pivot to face the line to their right or left (decided prior to whistle), and make a chest pass to the person at the front of the line. Passers go to line they passed to and next 4 players go as soon as they receive the ball.

Timing is important so that all 4 lines are passing, jump-stopping, and beginning at the same time. When this drill is running smoothly it looks like a dance but and when the timing is bad, it looks like chaos. After 20 passes or so, call switch and they pivot/pass the opposite direction. This drill is good for teaching the jump-stop and reverse pivot and it makes them think a little bit too.

4-corners footwork drill

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