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Comparison of the Coach's Clipboard Products

  Deluxe Playbook USB/Download Premium Membership Player's USB drive Web-site
All Articles, Plays, Offense, Defenses, etc Yes Yes No Partial
Articles on Player Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Animated Diagrams ((Sample) Yes Yes just a few Limited
Expandable Animations Yes Yes Yes No
Video Clips (Screen-shot) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Appendix (coaching forms) Yes Yes No Yes
PDF Files (Sample) Yes Yes No No
Quotes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Format USB drive/download Web-site login USB drive Web-site
Free download upgrades for 1 year Yes Yes No N/A
Youth Basketball Section No Yes No No
Free Deluxe Playbook download Included Yes No No
Product Discounts No Yes No No

* All-Access Premium Membership advantages over the Playbook download/USB drive include immediate access, and for non-USA buyers, less expensive than the USB drive (no shipping costs). The disadvantage is that Premium Membership is for one-year only. Existing members will however be able to renew at reduced pricing.

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