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Help/Instructions for Coach's Clipboard Products

Below is a list of Coach's Clipboard product help files. These pages should help answer questions and solve any problems you that might be having.

See this FAQ page for general help.

Help/Instructions page for:

The most common problem seems to be difficulty logging in...

Login Trouble-Shooting:
If you are having problems logging in, before changing your password read this to solve the problem.

Make sure you are using the correct letter case for both the username and password, i.e. CAPITAL letters and lower case letters must be correct. And realize that when logging in from an iPhone, iPad, or similar device, the device usually capitalizes the first letter, so watch that.

Make sure you are logging in to the correct page. If you bought a Playbook download or upgrade or a USB drive download upgrade, you must login to those download areas... NOT the Premium Members section, which is different. Youth members must login to the youth members section, not Premium Members section... look at the correct login addresses below.

Login addresses:

If you are attempting to login on a business or school computer, there may be a problem with the network firewall, as businesses and schools often block access to websites that require a login. Ask your system administrator to allow access to Coach's Clipboard.

Has your one-year account expired? Login to your account manager page and renew at the discounted price.

You requested a new password but never received an email response. This may be because:
  • (1) the email address in your account is not your current email address.
  • (2) your email account is protected by a spam blocker and cannot receive the automated password email. Check your "spam" or "junk" folder. To allow emails from Coach's Clipboard, please add this email address to your email address book:

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