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MaxOne App Review

"Although I have not personally used this program (retired now), MaxOne looks like an excellent tool for helping coaches with program organization, communication, scheduling, incorporation of drills, organizing off-season workouts and camps, and much more. Give it a look!" - Coach Gels

Make it a Productive Off-Season

Every coach knows that time is of the essence in the off-season. Between open gyms, individual workouts, weight training, video sessions, youth camps, coaching clinics and more, a coach's calendar fills up fast. Being organized and efficient with one's time is crucial for any coach. Lucky for them, there are great tools to help save time and energy.

I set out to find the best aids for helping basketball coaches to have a productive off-season and came across MaxOne.

"The best way to improve your team is to improve yourself." - John Wooden

MaxOne Planning and Training App

MaxOne is a coaching app with a wide range of functionality to help coaches lead a better program. MaxOne is packed with features that help you engage, motivate, track and plan across your entire program.

Read on for more reasons to leverage MaxOne this off-season and follow up with MaxOne for a more in-depth view of the product.

Off-Season Workouts

Every good coaching staff has an off-season workout program in place, but the challenge is motivating the athletes to actually participate in the workouts. MaxOne makes it possible for you to compile a video library of drills and exercises that instruct athletes in the precise way you want the activities executed. As a coach, you can populate your account with your favorite drills or upload videos already offered on YouTube. "How engaged would your athletes be if you had them doing the same pre-game ball handling routine as Steph Curry?"


Athletes can then access their own MaxOne accounts, view and execute the workout for the day as instructed and record their performance. Results are posted in real time on program-wide leaderboards, permitting coaches and other athletes to see the results.

Coaching Your Coaches

We know sharing information and collaborating across a coaching staff is critical for building consistency and momentum within a basketball program. We really appreciated the "Coaches' Corner" tool that allows you to upload video, PDF or image files directly to your account and to share those items across all coaches within the program.


Messaging, Calendar, and Scheduling

Great coaches are great communicators and this shouldn't be lost in the off-season. MaxOne has built-in calendars to keep you organized and helps you communicate with your program's coaches, athletes, and even parents in seconds through their messaging app. You can create separate, color-coded schedules for different groups within their program and these schedules only appear only on the calendars of those they impact. For those coaches who use spreadsheets for logging team contact information, MaxOne stores and organizes it all for you.


Camp Sign-Ups

Summer camps and summer leagues can be particularly demanding of a coach's time. This feature enables coaches to easily create an event, invite participants through the app and even collect registration fees. The tool's real time roster of sign-ups and key information on those individuals is a huge timesaver for coaches as well.


For more information about MaxOne, visit their website or schedule a demo for your team.

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