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Coach's Clipboard Players USB Contents

Basic Fundamentals - Articles
Footwork Fundamentals
Learning the Jump Stop
The Lost Art of Passing
Cutting and Faking
Setting Screens
Moving Without the Ball
Basic Offensive Tips
Transition Offense
Escaping the Trap

Ball Handling and Dribbling
Ball Handling
Dribbling and Dribble Moves
1-Ball Dribbling Drills
2-Ball Dribbling Drills
Sideline Dribbling Drills
Tight Chairs Dribbling Drills

Shooting Skills
The Lay-up
Learning How to Shoot, Shooting Form
Individual Shooting Work-Out
The Jump Shot
The Hook Shot
Free-Throw Shooting
Guard Breakdown Shooting Drills
2-Person Shooting Drills
Competitive Shooting Drills
Coach Wissel's Shooting Series
Coaching Shooting
Shooting Mechanics
Confidence and Rhythm
Correcting Shooting Errors
Developing a Quick Release
3-Point Shooting, Rhythm and Range
Shooting Free-Throws
Shooting a Hook Shot
Basic Lead-Up ShootingDrills
Off the Dribble Shooting Drills

Outside Guard Play
Outside Perimeter One-On-One Moves
Playing the Point Guard Position
Pro (Advanced) Guard Moves
Understanding Motion Offense
Motion Offense Drills
3-on-3 Plays
Basics of Zone Offense

Inside Post Play
Inside Post Moves
Low Post Offensive Drills
3-Man Rebounding Drill
Hi-Lo Options

Playing Defense
Defensive Tips
Basic Man-to-Man Defense
Team Man-to-Man Defense
Understanding Zone Defense
Transition Defense
Understanding game strategy

Tim Springer's Player Development Drills:
Guard Workouts
Spartan Guard Skills Workout
Shooting Guard Workout
Forward Scoring Workout
Spartan Skills Drills
Spartan Gun Shooting Drills
Team 3-Point Shooting Drills
15 Point Per Game Workout
College Point-Guard Workout
Performance Training Drills
Lebron James Scoring Workout
Tony Parker Scoring Series
Kevin Durant Scoring Workout
Derrick Rose Scoring Workout
Tim Duncan Scoring Series
Manu Ginobili Scoring Series
George Hill Scoring Series
Kyrie Irving Scoring Workout

Mental Aspects
How to make the team
Things to think about
Attitude... the right stuff
When you don't have the ball
The exceptional player
The role player
Keys to Becoming a Great Player
Things Good Basketball Players Do
Being a Team Leader
Dealing with Lack of Playing Time

Other Stuff
Having a Practice Program
Basketball In-Season Strength Training
Managing Long-Term Player Fatigue
What to Eat
Small Basketball Players
Academics and the Student Athlete
When Individual Basketball Instruction Goes Too Far
Athletic Development
Playing AAU - Club Basketball
When Individual Instruction Goes Too Far
Parent - Player Relationship
Simple, Fun Driveway Games
Basketball History
Basketball Terminology
Basketball Book Reviews

Cutting and Faking
Setting Screens
Basic Man Defense
Motion Offense
3-on-3 Plays
Hi-Lo Post Options

Video Clips
Ball-Handling Drills
Slaps, Tips, Around Each Leg, Figure 8, Around Waist, Around Legs, Candy Cane, Drops, Toss and Catch Behind, Crab Walk.

1-Ball Dribbling Drills
Pound It, Kills, Under Each Leg, Front Crossover, Swing Crossover, Side V-Dribble, Front V-Dribble, Around Each Leg, Figure 8, Crossover Behind, Spider Dribble, Shuffle, Butterfly, Windmill, Walk & Dribble Thru Legs, Zig-Zag Crossover Drill.

2-Ball Dribbling Drills
Dribble Both Low, Kills, Pistons, One High & One Low, Side V-Dribbles, Windshield, Front Crossover & Handoff, Juggling, Front Circles, Figure 8, Front Crossover, Front & Back Crossover, One Around the Back, Shuffle, Two-Balls Thru Legs.

Dribble Moves
Control Dribble, Speed Dribble, Crossover Dribble, Thru the Legs Dribble, Around the Back Dribble, Rocker Step, In & Out Move, Spin Move, Fake Spin, Thru Legs & Around the Back Combo, Backup Dribble and Crossover.

Jump Stop and Pivoting Drill, Triple Threat Position, Form Shooting, Chest Pass, Bounce Pass, Defensive Close-Out, Defensive Stance, Defensive Slides, Layups.

Guard Play
V-Cut, Backcut, Front Cut, Curl Cut, Deep Cut, Shallow Cut, Catching the Pass with Defender Playing Off, Catching the Pass with Defender Tight, Catch & Go with the Defender Tight, Jab Step & Shoot, Jab Step & Straight Drive, Jab Step and Crossover Drive.

Post Play
Flash Cut, Step Hop Move, Drop Step to Baseline Move, Jump Hook (Drop Step to Lane), Up & Under Move, Mikan Drill, Mikan Dill Variation, BoxOut-Rebound-Outlet Pass.

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