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I don't like auto-renewal on my account... no worries!

Certain memberships (Premium Membership, Playbook download, etc) have a discounted price for the second and subsequent years.  To make the discounted renewal rate work, when you purchase your membership, use the PayPal payment option in order to create a PayPal "recurring payment" for you (a PayPal account is required for recurrent payments). 

You can cancel your PayPal recurring payment account at any time.  If you forget and get charged, let me know and I will refund your payment... no worries.

If you do not want a "recurring payment" plan set up, when you make your purchase, use the Pay with Credit/Debit Card link on the signup page.  With this option, you pay with your credit/debit card and a recurring payment plan will not be set up.  But Coach's Clipboard will send you a reminder email prior to your account expiration, and you will still be able to renew at the discounted renewal rate if you so choose.