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Login problems

If you are having problems logging in...

1.  Make sure you pay strict attention to CAPITALIZATION.  CAPITAL letters in either your username or password must be CAPITALIZED, and all lower case letters must be lower case when entered.  Make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.  Oftentimes it is more accurate to copy and paste your username and password rather than typing them.

2.  Mobile devices and tablets may CAPITALIZE the first letter, and this could produce an error.

3.  Forgot my password... go to the account manager and enter your username or the email address that you signed up with.  Then click "forgot password?"  If for some reason, you still cannot get a new password, contact us.

Member Account Manager Page

3. Has your one-year account expired? No problem, you can still renew at the discounted price. Login to your account manager page and renew at the discounted price.

4. If you are attempting to login on a business or school computer, there may be a problem with the network firewall, as businesses and schools often block access to websites that require a login. Check with your system administrator.