Coach's Clipboard Newsletter - Special Edition
August 19, 2015
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Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

Special announcement about PGC Basketball and discounts for coaches and players on Fall/Winter courses!

We've seen and experienced a lot of basketball camps and courses over the years, but one of our favorites is PGC Basketball.  From PGC:

Don't miss PGC's new all-staff pricing plans!  Send your whole staff for one low price

Registration for PGC's fall and winter courses is officially open, and PGC is incredibly excited about new pricing options for coaches and coaching staffs. 

The setup is simple: Coaches pay $95 to attend any of our three fall course offerings--Shooting College, Athlete Performance College, or Post Player College. Or, for just $245, your school's ENTIRE staff can attend any number of fall courses. And when they say entire coaching staff, they mean boys, girls, middle school, feeder school, freshmen, and JV. Entire ... as in all.

PGC invites you to join them this fall or winter and make an investment in SCHAPE'ing your coaching, your program, and your players. All PGC courses come with a 110% Money Back Guarantee and promise to deliver a two-day basketball masterclass that challenges your thinking and helps you grow as a leader and coach. 

>>I'd like to sign up now<<

Learn more about PGC fall courses, and check out the schedule & locations


Your players can attend PGC fall courses, too

A big part of PGC is connecting with your players.  They too can attend PGC fall courses, and if they're one of the first 1,500 to register, they'll qualify for an early-bird discount. PGC normal tuition is just $245 for athletes in 7th grade through college.

In addition, Coach's Clipboard has a promo code for coaches to provide to their players, which will discount tuition for athletes by $25 (tuition is normally $245). The promo code for the $25 player discount for Coach's Clipboard is CC25.

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