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Newsletter #282 - January 3, 2024


Today's Quote:   "The more your players have to think on the basketball court, the slower their feet get." - Jerry Tarkanian


Today's Theme... Pick and Roll (Ball-Screen) Offense

The pick and roll (ball-screen) is one of the oldest plays in basketball, remains a very effective offensive weapon, and is being used more than ever. The pick-and-roll has become popular as a method for gaining dribble penetration and then drawing and kicking - either passing in to a player near the basket or kicking out to a three-point shooter. At the professional level, the pick-and-roll has become a primary part of the offense for most teams. It has also become a big part of college and high school play.  The following articles will help you develop a pick and roll offense.

Pick and roll plays are part of almost every offense these days, so in addition to the articles linked below, realize that there are more plays scattered throughout the website in the various offenses and plays articles.

Pick and Roll Offense - from Dr. Hal Wissel
Coach Wissel (founder of BasketballWorld) has a wealth of NBA experience as an Assistant Coach with the Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies and New Jersey Nets. A number of ball-screen options and plays are shown.

High Pick and Roll Set
A number of excellent pick and roll plays are presented, along with a some video  clips.

Wolverine pick and roll play

Box-Set Offense - Pick and Roll Plays
Use the box set to initiate ball-screen plays.

Continuity Ball-screen Offense
This article presents two continuity ball-screen offenses. In addition to ball-screens, both have side to side continuity.

Coach Brian Field from his DVD "4-Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense".

Continuity ball-screen offense

Pick and Roll Drills
This page presents several pick and roll drills used by coach Jamie Dixon at TCU. These drills work on the various options that your screeners have.


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