Newsletter #178

January 22, 2020


Today's Quote:  "Coaching is preparation." - Pete Carril

Today's Theme... Baseline OB Play vs 2-3 Zone

This is a really good baseline OB play to use against teams that defend with the 2-3 zone.  We've gotten lots of easy shots with this.

The defense is in a 2-3 zone. Line-up as in diagram A.  O5 lines up above the blocks, between the X4 and X5 defenders. O4 stacks outside the X1 defender. O1 and O2 form a mini-stack above the X1 defender.

 Splitter BLOB play

On "go", O5 seals the inside defender X5.  O2 (your best shooter) cuts around O4's screen to the ball-side corner.  O2 could get the pass here and a 3-point shot.  But if the X4 defender moves out to defend O2 in the corner (diagram B), O4 slides down the lane for the pass and inside shot.  With this play, you have a 2-on-1 situation with the X4 defender. Either O2 or O4 will be open.

inside pass

For more plays, see "Out-of-Bounds Plays vs the 2-3 Zone"


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