Newsletter #233

February 16, 2022

Today's Quote:   "If at first you don't succeed, you are like most people." - M. H. Alderson



Today's Theme:  "Kentucky-2" and "Kentucky-3"

This has been one our favorite plays for years, so it is time-tested.  If you run it to the right, it's called Kentucky-2.  Run it left, it's Kentucky-3 - same play.

Here we'll discuss Kentucky-2.  This play usually gets our best shooter O2 an open 3-pointer.  The play starts with a weave screen with O1 dribbling toward O2 (diagram A), handing off and screening for O2.  Meanwhile, O5 cuts up to the weakside arc.  O3 initially slides toward the corner (for spacing) but eventually moves back outside.


O2 dribbles toward the point (diagram B) and passes to O5.  To get good spacing, it is important for O2 to dribble high to the top, even with the lane line extended.  O4 back-screens for O1 who cuts around the screen, eventually out to the opposite corner.  O5 could pass to O1 inside as our first option.  After screening for O1, O4 flare-screens for O2.


O2 cuts over the flare-screen to the wing-corner area (diagram C).  O5 skip-passes (usually a two-handed overhead pass) "over the top" to O2.  After screening for O2, O4 rolls to the ball-side low post.  O2 has the option of shooting the 3-pointer, or passing inside to O4 posting up.  If the pass to O2 is denied, then O4 posts up inside and O5 looks for the "hi-lo" pass to O4.  Notice the weakside rotation after O5 passes to O2.  O5 drops to the elbow, O3 rotates to the point and O1 fills the left wing.


Another option is the "slip".  After O2 makes a couple of 3's, the defense will switch the O4-on-O2 flare-screen.  When the defense switches, O4 slips the screen, and cuts hard to the hoop for the pass from O5.

See:  "Kentucky Plays".


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