Newsletter #207

February 17, 2021

Today's Quote:  "Don't wallow in the mud with pigs. You'll get dirty and the pigs will like it."


Today's Theme:  "Screen your own" & "Cut-screen" concepts

Here are a couple of less well-known screens from Davidson College Head Coach Bob McKillop.

"Screen Your Own"

Instead of screening another player's defender, you screen your own man.  This allows a cutter to cut behind your screen for a perimeter pass and open 3-point shot. 

In the diagram, O2 has cut through.  If O3 screens O2's defender, the defenders will switch and neither will be open.  Instead, O3 screens his own defender X3.  O2 cuts up for the pass and 3-point shot.

Screen your own


Coach McKillop uses the term cut-screen, but in reality there is no actual screen.  It's more of a cutting through and clearing action that frees up a teammate - but  it has the effect of a screen in creating an opening.

In the diagram, O1 dribbles toward O2, and O2 back-cuts through to the opposite corner, taking X2 with him.  On this inside cut, the X4 defender usually takes a step toward O2 cutting inside, denying the cutter.  This cut and the defender's helping action frees up O4 for a cut to the top, which is usually wide open for the pass from O1 and a shot.

cut screen

See this video from Bob McKillop's "5 & 4 Out Offensive System":

screen your own and cut screen


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