Newsletter #180

February 19, 2020


Today's Quote:   "The shortest distance between two points is always under construction." - Noelie Alito

Today's Theme... "Wolf" Back-Tip Drill

This drill comes from Jamion Christian, George Washington University.  Learning to back-tip correctly is an important fundamental that all good pressing teams should drill. A back-tip occurs when an offensive player speed dribbles past a defender, and then the defender turns and sprints after the ball, trying to tip it from behind.

Too often the defensive player slaps at it from above with a downward motion, resulting in a foul.  Instead he should get his hand low near the floor while sprinting and tip the ball from below with an upward motion. This usually results in a clean tip, with no foul. 

Wolf drill video

See the video and the diagram  below. Two players are on defense, one on offense. One defender passes the ball to the offensive player, and he speed-dribbles for a lay-up. The two defenders sprint after him trying to back-tip the ball from behind and below. The offensive player becomes a defender on the trip back on the opposite side of the court.

 Wolf drill

See "Basketball Trapping Drills"


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