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Newsletter #286 - February 28, 2024


Today's Quote:   "Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting." - Christopher Morley

Today's Theme... Two Advanced Post Moves

After mastering the basic low post moves (drop-step baseline, jump-hook in the lane, up-and-under, turn and face, crab-dribble, etc), here are two advanced low post moves to add to your repertoire.

"Dream shake" move

The "dream shake" is a move or series of head-shoulder fakes used by great Houston Rockets player Hakeem Olajuwon. It is an advanced level move that may combine several moves (spin, up-and-under). Basically, the post player either catches the ball in the low post, or ends his crab-dribble, with his back to the basket and both feet on the floor, so that either foot can now become the pivot foot. He/she makes a head/shoulder fake once or multiple times in one direction to get the defender leaning, and then quickly spins (front pivots) back opposite for a fade-away jump shot, or maybe a step to the hoop and lay-up.

This move, and the fade-away shot, require lots of practice. For most young players, the fade-away is not a high percentage shot and often comes up short. The fade-away also takes you out of rebounding position for a missed shot. So practice, practice, practice - before using it in a game.  See this video:

Dream Shake video


"Dribble-drop" move

This is a spin move in the paint. The low post player with the ball fakes to the baseline and then makes a power dribble into the lane and fakes a jump-hook. With the defender in the air, now make a spin move back to the baseline and finish with the lay-up. This move is often effective after the post player has just scored off the jump-hook to the lane. With the defender anticipating that move, the spin to the baseline is a good counter move.

See this video:

dribble drop video


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