Newsletter #208

March 3, 2021

Today's Quote:  "Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records." - William A. Ward


Today's Theme:  "Zipper" and "Iverson" Cuts

Here are a couple of cuts to get your best shooter open.


The "Zipper" cut occurs when a perimeter player moves inside and cuts hard around the low post player to the top for a pass and possibly a shot. In this diagram, O1 dribbles to the wing, and O2 zipper-cuts around O4 out to the top, for the pass and shot.

zipper cut

See this page 3-Out, 2-In Motion Offense to see how we use zipper.

"Iverson Cut"

The "Iverson cut" (aka "AI cut") was named after the great Allen Iverson who used this to get open for shots. It is a type of shallow cut, where the cutter cuts over two high post screeners, one positioned at each elbow.

The diagram shows the Iverson cut from a Horns set with the posts at the elbows. O2 cuts hard over those screeners for the pass from O1, as O3 clears to the opposite side. You can also run this from a 1-4 set, or really any situation where you have both posts at the elbows. O2 might shoot, iso and dribble-drive, post-up, or back-cut if the pass goes to either post players.

cut screen

Video of Allen Iverson doing his thing:

iverson doing his thing

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