Newsletter #181

March 4, 2020


Today's Quote:   "We have a great bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all of our games are played indoors." - Weldon Drew

Today's Theme... "Drift" Passing Drill

This drill is from coach Kevin Boyle (Montverde Academy in FL Head Boys Basketball Coach, 2018 High School National Champions, 2018 Naismith High School Boy's Coach of the Year).

Drift passing drill video

O1 dribbles baseline from the left wing and passes to O2 in the right corner. O2 starts on the opposite wing and drifts down to the corner when he sees O1 making the baseline dribble-drive.  O2 gets the pass, shot fakes, and dribble-drives into the middle gap, as O3 drifts a few steps to the left.  O2 passes out to O3.  O3 quickly makes the "one-more" pass to the next left wing player in line (O4).  In a game, this could be an open shot.  But we keep the drill going and O4 starts the new sequence driving to the hoop (diagram 2).

 Drift passing drillDrift Drill

Rotation: Players follow their pass in the rotation (see diagram 2). O1 goes to the right wing (O2) line. O2 goes to the top (O3 line) and O3 moves to the original O1 dribble-drive line (left wing).

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