Newsletter #211

April 14, 2021

Today's Quote:  "Players play, tough players win." - Tom Izzo


Today's Theme:  Taking the Charge/Drills

Taking a charge should be an important part of your team's defense against the dribble-drive. Watching the NCAA March Madness, we are seeing many more charges taken than there ever used to be. Coaches are teaching it and players are getting good at it.

Taking a charge is a big play and can be a momentum changer.  It results in a defensive stop, a foul, a change in possession, and makes the offensive player think twice before dribble-driving again.

Keys in effectively and safely taking a charge:

1. Get into proper position before the offensive player arrives, with both feet planted outside the restricted zone (charge circle).

2. Do not turn your hips or shoulders. The only movement should be the backward fall when contact is made. Any other movement may result in a blocking foul instead of a charge.

3. The closer the dribble-penetrator, the lower you get. By getting low, when you fall, it's only a short fall to the floor.

4. Hold your forearm strongly across your body. Use your forearm in front of you to absorb the contact.

5. Fall on both cheeks. If you land on one cheek in a sideways manner, it will look like a block to the ref and you'll get the blocking foul.

6. Fall in the direction of the penetration.  If you fall sideways, it will look like you were not there and not planted, and you'll get the foul.

7. When you fall, roll on your back and pull your feet up (feet facing upward) so that if the offensive player falls on you, you can absorb the contact with your feet and protect yourself.

8. When you fall, keep your hands up and take the contact with the forearm. Don't fall with your hands behind you, as this can result in a wrist or hand injury.

9. Sell the charge to the ref by exhaling at the point of contact and letting out a groan.

10. It's a big gutsy play.  Teammates should help you up after you fall.

11. It might not be smart to risk a charge if you are in foul trouble.  It's a judgement call and you are at the mercy of the officials.

See "Take The Charge Defensive Drills" and this video:

From coach Frank Haith's NABC On the Court Open Practice DVDs:

take the charge drill

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