Newsletter #238

April 27, 2022

Today's Quotes:   "A couple things that should be consistent all the time are (1) defense, and (2) taking care of the basketball." - Hubert Davis

"Desire outweighs footwork when it comes to crashing the glass." - Bill Self



Today's Theme:  Kansas and North Carolina Horns Plays

Here are two simple "Horns" plays used by men's 2022 NCAA finalists Kansas (Bill Self) and North Carolina (Hubert Davis).

Kansas Horns Flare

See the diagram below.  Use the horns set except with O2 and O3 both on the right side (clear out the left side).  O4 ball-screens for O1.  O5 flare-screens for O4 and O4 cuts around O5 to the hoop for a lob from O1.

Kansas Horns flare

Carolina Horns Double Ball-Screen

Starting with the horns set below, O1 dribbles toward O2 (pistol action) for a dribble hand-off.  O1 slides to the corner.

Carolina horns

O4 and O5 set a double ball-screen for O2 (diagram 2).  After screening, O5 dives to the hoop and O4 pops to the arc.  O2 could attack for a layup or pull-up jump shot, or pass to either O5 or O4, or to O3 spotting up in the corner. 

Carolina horns play

See:  Horns Plays and Horns Offense.


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