Newsletter #185

April 29, 2020


Today's Quote:   "Nothing will work unless you do." - John Wooden

Today's Theme... How to Become a Better Coach During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It's sad that we lost the end of this season.  But let's start looking forward.  You can't workout with your team or players right now, but there are things you can do.

Evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses... make an honest self-assessment. Do you need to improve your communication, teaching, organizational, and leadership skills? Do you need to be more open and willing to learn? Do you allow for interaction with your assistants? Are you representing your school and community in a positive way? Do you relate well to the school's administration and staff? Do you need to relate better to your players? How do you relate to parents and fans? Set some personal goals. 

Evaluate the past season... what worked and what didn't? Review stats to find areas that need improvement. Review game film and take notes... what has to get better? 

Usually player fundamentals have to get better.  Encourage your players to workout daily during this off-season. See How to Become a Better Player During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Review your system... offenses, defenses, presses and press-breakers, special plays and out-of-bounds plays, drills, etc.  Can next season's players run your system, or do you need to adjust the system. Factors to consider are team-speed, bench depth, your post players, outside shooters, your point guard, etc.

Plan Next Season's Practices... plan ahead using Practice Planner Live coaching software.  Create a "Master Plan". See this video.

Practice Planner Live
Off-Season Camps/Clinics... you might not be able to attend a coaching clinic or team camp this summer (wait and see).  If not, consider online clinics:

Use available resources... learn something new each off-season. Learn about a new offense or defense. Buy a DVD or a book and make notes. 

Meet with each player individually during the off-season. Discuss team goals, your expectations, etc. If you can't meet personally with social distancing, then use FaceTime (you can also do group chats with FaceTime).

Meet with your assistants (or use FaceTime group chats)... keep them in the loop and get their ideas.

Quality family time... coaching often takes us away from our family. Embrace this time of being together. Family discussions, games, watching movies together, etc - whatever works!  Perhaps teach the kids some life skills - how to change a tire, balance a checkbook, cook something, mend and sew, do laundry, etc.

Let's hope this pandemic will pass relatively soon, so we can get back with our players and coaches, and include some summer team camps. Stay safe!


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Put in a new offense or defense this season.
Run a special inbounds or buzzer-beater play and look like a genius!
Use a special defense to shutdown a star player.
Teach your team how to break a press.


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