Newsletter #160

May 8, 2019


Today's Quote:  "Have an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out."

Today's Theme... Two OB Plays (Baseline and Sideline)

"Baylor" - I saw Baylor coach Kim Mulkey run a play like this in the NCAA Final game vs Notre Dame. Your best shooter O2 starts on the ballside (diagram 1). O4, O1, and O5 are lined up across the paint. O2 cuts around the triple-screen for the pass and short jump-shot. After O2 cuts, O1 pops out to the top.

After running the play a couple times, the defense may cheat and X5 may switch and jump out to defend O2. Here, O5 seals and steps in for the quick pass for a lay-up (diagram 2).Baylor

"Pistons" - NBA coach Dwane Casey has used this play for when there is 0.5 seconds left on the clock and you don't have time to catch and shoot. O3 is the inbounder. O4 is a screener at the left elbow. O2 cuts under O1 and O5's screens to the ballside corner. O1 cuts around O5 and O4's screens to the top, calling for the ball. After O1 cuts, O5 curl-cuts around O4 for the lob pass from O3 and the lay-up or dunk. You could also run this when time is not an issue, and then O2 and O1 are options also.

Pistons play

Pistons play


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