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"On perfection - A good garden may have some weeds." - John Wooden

Basketball Plays that Lead to Wins
From Scott Peterman at https://mensbasketballhoopscoop.com

March Madness Final Four Special
What you receive:
--4 basketball playbooks
--2 scouting reports and
--3 DVDs

It can take all season, sometimes, before your team runs basketball plays efficiently and with the proper execution you desire. It takes plenty of practice and game time to get it right.

March Madness Final Four Special

But, as long as you have what you know works, you know your players will get the basketball plays in your playbook right, in the end. The result from all the hard work will be worth it, when the clock reads zero at the end of the season.

Some teams seemed to have their winning formula and winning basketball plays down pat in the middle of the season, only to be derailed a bit on the way. This happens as the season wears on and you encounter teams that play styles you haven't seen all season. Injuries, new defenses and fresh basketball plays from other teams all play a part, if you take this kind of course.

Louisville Cardinals made it to the Final Four and the NCAA National Championship game, They were able to reach a number one ranking for the first time in several years, but did not hold it for long. They endured their tough losses in the middle and later in the season, but they came out on top and with more resilience as a result.

Teams such as Louisville Cardinals reveal a good model for coaches to follow. They have a set system that works best for their talented players, with freedom and discipline at the same time.

Watching other teams play always gives you new ideas, and like any coach, I love to watch college basketball at this time of year and analyze zone defenses and fluid offenses to find ways of executing basketball plays I had not actually seen before. The elite coaches who are getting paid millions of dollars per year will always have something to show you if you just pay attention. I've enjoyed getting a thorough, live look at some of the team's basketball plays that are featured in the scouting reports of the "March Madness Final Four Special," a limited time offer.

Also included are basketball clinic reports featuring some of the best coaches of all time, the best instructional DVDs on the market today and much more. Get an inside look at the offenses and basketball plays that these top college programs are using in the tournament this year with this tremendous deal.

Get It Now For A Fraction Of Its Actual Price.

With 4 basketball playbooks, 2 scouting reports and 3 DVDs, these are all you need to dominate all opponents!

Click here to grab it now!
To your success,
Coach Peterman

Point Guard College summer special

Summer Special! Reminder... Coach's Clipboard and Point Guard College have teamed up to provide you with this great offer. If you are not already a Premium Member, join now and you will receive a special "promo code" that will get you 50% off when you register for a Point Guard College Coach's session this summer. The 50% discount is for coaches only and the discount will reduce the usual $795 tuition fee down to $397.50. The fee includes room and board, and meals, for 5 days and 5 nights. There are 52 Point Guard College Coach's Sessions throughout the country to choose from... check this schedule of camps. Please note that this offer expires July 1, 2013, so you must join and register with PGC prior to that date. Sessions are filling up quickly and some are already sold out so ACT NOW!

How to get the discount? If you are not already a member, just sign up and purchase a Premium Membership now (or a "Ball of Wax" special). Then when you login to the member site, you will receive the promo code. You then call PGC to register for a coach's session and tell them over the phone your promo code and you will get the discount. We will also provide you with the phone number to call PGC.

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