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Win More Games
Let us help you become a great coach
Teach kids how to play
Boost your basketball knowledge
Use a simple youth offense
Teach important man-to-man defense principles

Run a great inbounds play and look like a genius
Teach correct fundamentals... good players = more wins
Use time-tested drills that work
Plan great practices
Learn game-time, sideline strategies
And so much more! Coach's Clipboard is here to help

CC's Youth Basketball Membership - $29.95/year (single user)

CC's Youth Basketball Team Membership - $69.95/year (15-User Group/Team)

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Instant access to the Youth Basketball section at the Coach's Clipboard!

Easy! Click "Buy Now", choose single or group membership, register your account (username, password), complete payment and your account will be activated instantly. Then login anytime to the Youth Members Section.

For group/team accounts, after registering and completing payment, the group account administrator will be able to create the sub-user accounts.

If you prefer the more complete Premium Membership, with it you will also have access to this Youth Members area.

See this FAQ page if you have questions.

Customer Reviews/Testimonials
"Coach's Clipboard... the oldest and most informational basketball website in the world. I use it daily..." - Ganon Baker

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Ganon Baker promo video
Comments from G.B.

Instant Access... no shipping delays or costs. Create your account and password, complete payment, and you have instant access... from anywhere in the world. We welcome international members.

Individual or Group (Team) Memberships... Sign up for either an individual membership ($29.95/year), or your entire team (up to 15 members - $69.95/year). Each group member will have his/her own username, password and unlimited access. The group administrator can edit the account info and password, check the expiration date, renew for another year, and add or remove group members (group admin).

Coaches section... ... simple plays, offenses, defenses, drills, player fundamentals, etc for youth coaches and teams.

Players section... For youth players, many pages and video clips on player tips and fundamentals.

Video... a video clips section of player fundamentals... ball-handling and dribbling drills, dribble moves, and guard and post player fundamentals.

Animated Diagrams... animations of plays, offenses, defenses show player movement and timing. See this sample animation.

Mobile-Ready... with "responsive web design" for phone and tablet users. Take the Coach's Clipboard with you in the gym, on the bus, in the locker-room... anywhere.

PDF files... every article has an associated pdf file for nice print-outs that you can add to your playbook, or distribute to your team.

Want even more detailed content? Consider the Coach's Clipboard Premium Membership and get access to not only the complete Youth Section, but everything else at the Coach's Clipboard.

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