Basketball Coaching - General Topics

By Dr. James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook

Pat Summitt and Geno Auriemma
Pat Summitt and Geno Auriemma

There are many facets to coaching basketball. The articles linked below will hopefully give you a good foundation, or the building blocks needed in your becoming a good basketball coach. Becoming a basketball coach is a process, not something static. Good coaches keep an open mind and are constantly learning new things, and are not content to "stand pat" with what they know. This learning is multi-faceted - not just learning new offenses, defenses, plays, etc, but also learning how to better teach fundamentals, how to motivate, how to get along with others, how to deal with players, parents, fans, and how to build your program.

Building a Program

Developing a Coaching Philosophy... your own style of coaching, style of play and how you teach. Organization, preparation, work ethic and winning effort, setting goals, team concept, belief in the system, rules and discipline, measuring your successes, etc.

Writing a Coaching Philosophy... from Ari Fisher.

How to Build a Basketball Program... do you really want to take over a program? Outlining your "system". Selecting assistants - creating your organization. Developing talent and instilling work ethic. Changing attitudes and setting goals. Communication. Maintaining balance in your life.

The Assistant Coach... what makes a good assistant basketball coach.

What Basketball Coaches do in the Off-Season... basketball coaching in the off-season. How to improve yourself and your team.

4 Ways To Be An Effective Basketball Coach in the Off-Season... 4 ways coaches can improve in the off-season.

Off-Season Basketball Workouts... planning off-season workouts.

Teaching Basketball

Positionless Basketball - some thoughts.

Teaching Styles... different players learn in different ways, and have different learning styles. It's important to be aware of this in your teaching approach.

Teaching Basketball Fundamentals... the fundamentals that players need to master to become good players.

Player Workouts During the Coronovirus Pandemic... workout while social distancing.

Are We Teaching Closeouts The Best Way... by "The Speed Guy" Lee Taft.

How to Teach Basketball by Drill Progression... teaching basketball offenses and defenses by using breakdown drills (with examples).

How To Use "Check Downs" To Teach Half Court Offense... teaching players how to read the defense when running a play and choose the best option.

Spacing and Movement - Moving Without the Ball... what to do when you don't have the ball.

Where are all the Great Shooters?... why is there so much poor shooting nowadays?

4 Ways to Motivate Your Players... from Doug Campbell.

Jay Wright
Jay Wright

Organizing Practices

Planning Practices... organizing and running good practices, selecting and using drills effectively, etc. Sample practice plans are included.

Creating a Master Practice Plan... by coach Mike May, owner of Practice Planner Live.

Pre-season Middle School/Youth Practice Plan

Selecting and Using Drills... a comprehensive listing of well-proven, established basketball drills.

Competition in Drills, Your Greatest Tool to Improve Execution... by Mike May.

Focus Your Practices on Impactful Skills & Drills that Win Games... important game skills needed for success and the necessary drills.

Practice Form... a handy practice form for organizing practices.

Selecting Offenses, Defenses, Plays, Strategy

How to Plan for a New Season

Coaches Preseason Checklist: A Quick Guide to Preparing for the Season... by Clint Daly.

Selecting Your Half-Court Offenses... choose your half-court man-to-man offense(s) (from free-lance, motion offenses - or patterned offenses) and your zone offense(s).

Selecting Your Half-Court Defense(s)... choosing your half-court defense(s)... man-to-man defenses, zone defenses, combination "junk" defenses, half-court presses and traps, and how to defend inbounds plays.

Selecting Plays... selecting plays for attacking man-to-man defenses and zone defenses, out-of-bounds plays (baseline and sideline), special buzzer-beater plays, etc. An extensive, long list of plays is provided.

Selecting a Press Defense(s)... selecting and installing an effective press defense. Included are a full-court man-to-man pressure defense, zone presses, match-up press defenses, half-court presses and traps, and deny presses.

Selecting Your Press Offense(s)... selecting and teaching your press offenses... tips on transition offense, attacking the press, specific press breakers and secondary breaks.

Game-time Tips and Strategy

Pre-game Preparation... develop a consistent pre-game routine.

Pre-game Warm-up Drills

Game Coaching, Strategy... court-side tips... game plan, tempo, defense, pressing, using time-outs, substituting, yelling at players, dealing with officials, specific game strategies.

Why Games Are Lost... seven major reasons why games are lost.

Taking Good Shots - Shot Selection... the importance of getting good shots.

Reducing Turnovers... getting a handle on turnovers.

Tips for Better Passing... how to improve your team's passing.

Defensive Intensity - Charting Deflections... turn up your defensive intensity.

Calculating OER and DER... offensive and defensive efficiency ratings.

Basketball Late-Season Tune-Up... Preparing for March Madness

General Coaching Articles

How to use this Basketball Playbook... simplify, just use what you need.

How to Become a Better Coach During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Shot Clock in High School Basketball - Yes or No?

Struggling Through a Losing Season... dealing with a tough season.

How to Motivate Your Team Throughout the Season... by Austin Winder.

10 Basketball Quotes to Use After a Loss... after a tough loss.

Basketball Coaching Do's and Don'ts... by Ari Fisher.

Tips on Entering the Coaching Profession... by Ari Fisher.

Team Building Strategies... by Ari Fisher.

Basketball Coaching - Importance of Communication... by Ari Fisher.

Post Game Talks... by Ken Sartini.

4 Ways to Motivate Your Players... from Doug Campbell.

3 Ways To Gain Respect From Your Team... from Doug Campbell.

4 Words Every Athlete Needs to Hear... from Doug Campbell.

3 Basketball Quotes to Turn Your Captain into a Leader... from Doug Campbell.

Anatomy of a Championship Season with its Challenges to Traditional Coaching Philosophy... by Ari Fisher.

Coaching Youth Basketball... working with kids and their parents. Goals, what to teach, etc.

How Youth Coaches Can Prepare Players for High School Basketball... by Kyle Ohman.

Parent - Coach Relationships... working with parents.

Parent - Player Guidelines... parents and their kids.

Tips to Dominate Tryouts... by Ryan Thomas.

"My Turn" vs "Our Turn" Basketball Players... by Ryan Thomas.

Pre-Season Tryouts... organizing and running your pre-season tryouts.

8th Grade Tryouts - by Ari Fisher.

Running, Organizing a Youth Basketball Clinic... getting organized, using drills.

Playing AAU or Club Basketball... yes or no?

Importance of a Strong Coach-Athlete Relationship

Goal Thinking and Process Thinking for Players

Seven Benefits of Playing Multiple Sports... from Adam Eyal.

Engaging Special-Needs Kids in Athletics... from Wiley Humphrey.

Why Doesn't Johnny Practice Any More?... from Paul Hoover.
basketball coach

From Anthony Lanzillo

Articles by Sarah Daren

Conditioning, Nutrition, Drugs

Alan Stein
Alan Stein

Alan Stein's Training Drills... strength, conditioning, warm-up and more drills from training expert Alan Stein.

Basketball Speed Starts with Stopping... by "The Speed Guy" Lee Taft.

Basketball Conditioning... getting in shape both physically and mentally. Conditioning programs, resources and drills.

How to Condition for Basketball... by Courtney Campbell.

Managing Long-Term Player Fatigue... by Thomas Emma, a former Duke player and graduate, with a Masters degree and specialty in sports conditioning.

Basketball In-Season Strength Training... by Thomas Emma, a former Duke player and graduate, with a Masters degree and specialty in sports conditioning.

Athletic Development - are we pushing our young athletes too fast?... by Thomas Emma, a former Duke player and graduate, with a Masters degree and specialty in sports conditioning.

When Individual Basketball Instruction Goes Too Far... having your own individual instructor or trainer.

What to Eat Before a Game or Practice... guidelines for what to eat before games and practices, and in general.

The Recovery Snack... what to eat after a hard workout.

About Food Supplements - Growth hormone (HCG), Creatine, Andro... should you, or not?

Why Wearing Proper Footwear Matters - by Aaron Connolly

Coach's Guide for a Drug Free Basketball Team

From PGC Basketball

There's Only One Way to Win: Coach DV's Four Rules of Basketball... by the late Dick DeVenzio, founder of PGC Basketball.

Seven Key Concepts for Point Guards... by Dena Evans, PGC Basketball.

Don't Waste Your Time Getting Seen Before You Get Good... by Tyler Coston, PGC Basketball.

Season Ending Disappointment... from Dena Evans, PGC Basketball.

From Ganon Baker

Coaching Forms, Diagrams

Coaching Forms... stats, planners, scouting, evaluation, etc.

Court Diagrams... half-court, full-court, USA and International.

Court Dimensions... court diagram with measurements, dimensions.

Turning Your Backyard into a Basketball Court

Basketball History, Terminology, Other Stuff

Basketball History... the history of the game.

Professor Blood & the Wonder Teams... more great history.

Basketball's First Wizard... more about the legendary Professor Blood.

Basketball Terminology... the language of basketball.

Motivational/Humorous Quotes

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