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The Coach's Clipboard is a web-site and company dedicated to providing free, or low cost, information to basketball coaches and players. It was founded in 2001 by Dr. James Gels (see bio below), and is now the trusted Internet basketball coaching resource providing basketball information and ideas for youth and high school basketball coaches and players worldwide.

The Coach's Clipboard is a reference for youth, high-school and college basketball coaches worldwide. The web-site presents a large volume of free basketball coaching information in the form of articles, animated diagrams and video clips. Many basketball offenses and plays, defenses, player fundamentals, drills, press offenses and defenses, and general basketball coaching articles and coaching forms are included.

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About the author, Dr. James Gels... aka "Coach Gels"

"Coach" Gels resides in Charlevoix, Michigan and is a physician (Internal Medicine), now retired. He grew up in St. Henry, Ohio, graduated from Miami University (1968) and the Ohio State University College of Medicine (1972), and did his residency in Internal Medicine at Beaumont Hospital (Royal Oak, Mi).

Coach James Gels

He is a former Chief of Staff at Charlevoix Area Hospital, Charlevoix, Mi, and former director of both Intensive Care and the Non-Invasive Cardiac Lab. Dr. Gels is board-certified in Internal Medicine, and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. Coach Gels has been happily married since 1970 and has two grown children.

His basketball experience comes from playing the game every year from childhood until the age of 40 (amateur level). He then became involved in coaching basketball and coached youth basketball and high school basketball for the last 30 years, both in the Charlevoix Youth Basketball Association and he also co-founded the Charlevoix Northern Lakers (AAU) club.

Coach Gels was an assistant coach for the Charlevoix high school boys varsity under head coach Keith Haske for a number of years, and then Adam Wood and Bret Erskine. Haske's teams won a number of conference titles, District and Regional tournament championships, and was a participant in the Michigan State Semis and Finals at Michigan State's Breslin Center several times (1999, 2001, 2004, and 2007).

Charlevoix Rayder coaches... assistant coach Dr. James Gels, head coach Keith Haske, and assistant coach Brett Erskine
Left to right: Coaches Gels, Haske, and Erskine)

As Charlevoix HS varsity girls assistant coach, the 2004 girls team went 27-1, losing a close game in the state Final. The girls finished the 2005, 2006, and 2007-2008 seasons as District and Conference champs with a records of 20-4, 18-5, and 20-3 respectively, while the JV girls had three straight undefeated 20-0 seasons!

Coach Gels does not claim to be an expert, as there are many other more successful, knowledgeable and experienced coaches, and many other points of view. You are advised to visit the other excellent coaching sites listed on the "Links" page.

Coach Gels has compiled this material for you, but none of it should be construed as any absolute truths, as there are many ways to coach and play the game. The author gives this information freely, and assumes no liability for others who use this material. See Legal Notices.

Copyright Restrictions
All articles and contents of the Coach's Clipboard web-site and member areas, including the articles, diagrams, graphics, animated diagrams and video clips, and the Playbook download are protected by US Copyright, Unauthorized copying is prohibited by law.

Dr. Gels has created this site for your personal use, to further the knowledge of the fundamentals of the game.  You may print and use the web-site's materials for your team and your personal use.  Since most of this basketball site contains knowledge that Coach Gels has learned from others, he does not claim the knowledge as his own.

However, in recognition of the work done in organizing, writing and designing this website, the author would appreciate an acknowledgement for any of the topics reproduced.  You are not permitted to reproduce any of these materials if you plan to use them in a profitable way, and may not use any of this information on your own web-site without permission from Coach Gels.

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