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Animated Basketball Plays, Offenses and Defenses

By Dr. James Gels, From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
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Tip: How to use this basketball playbook

These animated basketball play diagrams help demonstrate plays, offenses, and defenses and the important timing of the action. There are many more animated diagrams in the Premium Members section (see listing below). Become a Premium Member now. If you can't view these animations, try updating your browser.

Tip: On mobile phones, the animation controls may appear small. Try turning your phone sideways.

Become a Premium Member and get all the animations listed below:
Read and React Offense
Dribble-Drive Motion Offense
Pete Carril's Princeton Offense
Princeton Offense - Running the Offense
Triangle Offense
John Wooden's UCLA Offense
UCLA High-Post Offense - more
West Coast 1-4 Stack Offense
Wisconsin Swing Offense
Hawk Offense
Horns Offense
Grinnell Offense
5-Out Open Post Flex Offense
Michigan-Style 2-Guard Offense
2-3 Man Offense
2-3 High Patterned Offense
T-Game Triple-Post Offense
Point-Zone Defense
SWARM Defense
Buzz (Twilight Zone) Defense
Circle Zone Defense
3-Up Secondary Break
3-Up Press Breaker
Last Second Situations

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When loading an animation, if all you see is a blank window, it may be because you have an older, unsupported browser, which you will need to update. The animated diagrams are now in html5 format facilitating compatibility with most browsers, tablets and phones, including iPad and iPhone.