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By Dr. James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook

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Player Tips
Setting Screens

Cutting and Faking

Playing Man-to-Man Defense

Man Offense
Motion Offense Principles

3-2 Motion Offense (PM only)

3-2 Motion Options

3-2 Option Series

3-2 Motion Plays

Advanced 3-2 Motion Plays (Kentucky, MSU, Texas, Slip, Wisconsin, OSU, Tiger)

3-2 Hi-Lo

90 Series

1 Series

2 Series



3-2 Weave Screen Plays

Isolation 2

Baseline 3

4 Out-1 In Motion Offense - Topside and Counter, Flash, Slip, Swing, Fist, Big, Big-15, Big-Left, Big-Down, Big-43, Big-Double, Loyola, Loyola-2, 53, 34, 13 and 24, Black, 52-Curl, 14, Weave-Screen Plays - ("W2", W2-back", "W3", "W4"), Purdue, Penn, Florida, Double, Scissors.

Read and React Offense (PM only)

Dribble-Drive Motion Offense (PM only)

Dribble-Drive Motion Offense - More

Triangle Offense (PM only)

Pete Carril's Princeton Offense (PM only)

Princeton Offense (PM only)

John Wooden's UCLA Offense (PM only)

UCLA High-Post Offense (PM only)

2-3 Man Offense (PM only)

2-3 High Patterned Offense (PM only)

T-Game Triple-Post Offense (PM only)

2-1-2 Offense

1-3-1 Offense

1-4 Stack Offense ("Georgetown", G-town and Back", "Hoyas", "Hoyas-21", "41", "93-Low", and "Raider"), Pick & Roll Plays and Low Stack Plays ("Pinball", "Double-Cross", "Scissors", and "Spurs")

West Coast 1-4 Stack Offense (PM only)

Wisconsin Swing Offense (PM only)

Open Post Double-Up Offense

Open Post Offense

Hawk Offense (PM only)

Horns Offense (PM only)

Michigan-Style 2-Guard Offense (PM only)

Grinnell Offense (PM only)

Shuffle Offense

Youth Swing Offense

4-Corners Delay Offense

Flex Offense

5-Out Open Post Flex Offense (PM only)

Thunder Offense

Zone Offense
2-3 Zone Attack

Kansas 2-3 Zone Offense (PM only)

Kansas Zone Plays (PM only)

2-3 Zone Plays

3-2 Zone Attack

1-2-2 Zone Attack

1-3-1 Zone Attack

4-Out Zone Offense

5-Out Zone Offense

T-Game Triple-Post Offense (PM only)

Attacking Junk Defenses

Box-and-1 Offense

Triangle-and-2 Offense (PM only)

Half-Court Press Breakers

Plays, Quick Hitters
Advanced 3-2 Motion Plays (Kentucky, MSU, Texas, Slip, Wisconsin, OSU, Tiger)

4 Out-1 In Motion Offense Plays - Topside and Counter, Flash, Slip, Swing, Fist, Big, Big-15, Big-Left, Big-Down, Big-43, Big-Double, Loyola, Loyola-2, 53, 34, 13 and 24, Black, 52-Curl, 14, Weave-Screen Plays - "W2", W2-back", "W3", "W4")

Michigan State Sets/Plays - 27 plays, including man-to-man and zone plays, baseline and sideline out-of-bounds plays. (PM only)

90 Series

1 Series

2 Series

50 Series (PM only)



America's Play








2-3 Zone Plays

Tip-Off Play

Half-Court Buzzer Beaters

Full-Court Buzzer Beaters

Last Second Situations (PM only)

3-on-3 Plays

Out-of-Bounds Plays
Sideline Plays (Box-1, Box-2, Circle, Stack, Pairs, Line-1, Line-2, 35, and Runner, Side-Low, and Side-Box)

Baseline Plays vs 2-3 Zone (Splitter, 23 Stack, 23 Box, Indiana, Middle, Offset, Missouri, Kansas-1, and Kansas-2)

Box Plays (Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, Box 54, Box-Wide, Box-Wide 2, and Box-Around)

Stack Plays (Stack 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Stack-Opposite)

4-Low Plays (Spread or Flat, 4-Down, Wildcat, 40-3, 40-2, and Flat-2)

More Good OB Plays (Wheel, Wheel and Back, 3-Down, Down and Back, Pinball, 3-Across, Gator, Hokie, Cross, and Utah)

Transition, Fast-Break Offense
Fast Break

Secondary Break

Coach Sars Secondary

Secondary Numbered Break,

3-Up Secondary Break (PM only)

Press Breakers
80-60-40 Press Breakers

Simple 1-1-2-1 Press Breaker

4-Across Press Breaker

3-Up Press Breaker (PM only)

1-2-1-1 Press Breaker

Attacking the 1-2-1-1 Press

Attacking the 2-2-1 Press

Half-Court Press Breakers

Man-to-Man Defense

Pack-Line Defense

Triangle Defense

2-3 Zone Defense

1-3-1 Zone Defense

1-2-2 Zone Defense

Point-Zone Defense (PM only)

Amoeba Defense

SWARM Defense (PM only)

Buzz (Twilight Zone) Defense (PM only)

Circle Zone Defense (PM only)

Match-Up Zone Defense

1-2-2 Viking Half-Court Press

2-2-1 Half-Court Press

Full-Court Press Defenses

Match-up Press Defenses

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Read and React Offense
Dribble-Drive Motion Offense
Pete Carril's Princeton Offense
Princeton Offense - More
Triangle Offense
John Wooden's UCLA Offense
UCLA High-Post Offense - more
West Coast 1-4 Stack Offense
Wisconsin Swing Offense
Hawk Offense
Horns Offense
Grinnell Offense
Michigan-Style 2-Guard Offense
2-3 Man Offense
2-3 High Patterned Offense
T-Game Triple-Post Offense
Spread-Delay Offense
Point-Zone Defense
SWARM Defense
Buzz (Twilight Zone) Defense
Circle Zone Defense
Kansas 2-3 Zone Offense
Kansas Zone Plays
Attacking Junk Defenses
Triangle-and-2 Offense
Michigan State Sets/Plays
50 Series
High Pick and Roll Plays
3-Up Secondary Break
3-Up Press Breaker

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