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By Dr. James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook

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Many basketball drills and player fundamentals are demonstrated below with video clips. Use the menu or the index below. Or use the "Next Clip" and "Previous Clip" links to move from clip to clip. If you are unable to view the video clips, you probably need to update your browser.

These video clips are US copyright protected and may not be used in any way without permission from Coach's Clipboard.

Ball Handling   (expand menu)... Slaps


Around Each Leg

Figure 8

Around the Waist

Around the Legs

Candy Cane


Toss & Catch Behind

Crab Walk

1-Ball Dribbling Drills   (expand menu)... Pound it!


Under One Leg

Front Crossover

Swing Crossover

Side V-Dribble

Front V-Dribble

Around One Leg

Figure 8

Crossover Behind

Spider Dribble




Walk & Dribble Thru Legs

Zig-Zag Crossover

2-Ball Dribbling Drills   (expand menu)... Dribble Both Low

2-Ball Kills


One-High & One-Low

2-Ball Side V-Dribble


Front Cross & Handoff

2-Ball Juggling

2-Ball Front Circles

2-Ball Figure 8

2-Ball Front Crossover

Front & Back Crossover

One Around the Back

2-Ball Shuffle

2-Balls Thru the Legs

Dribbling Moves   (expand menu)... Control Dribble

Speed Dribble

Crossover Dribble

Thru the Legs Dribble

Behind the Back Dribble

Rocker-Step (Hesitation) Move

In & Out Move

Spin Move

Fake Spin Move

Thru Legs & Around the Back

Backup Dribble & Crossover

Fundamentals   (expand menu)... Jump Stop & Pivoting

Triple Threat Position

Form Shooting

Chest Pass

Bounce Pass

Defensive Close-out

Defensive Stance

Defensive Slides


Guard Play   (expand menu)... V-Cut






Catch Pass with Defender Away

Catch Pass with Defender Close

Catch & Go with Defender Close

Jab-Step & Shoot

Jab-Step & Drive

Jab-Step & Crossover Drive

Post Play   (expand menu)... Flash Cut

High-Post Step-Hop Move

Drop-Step to Baseline

Jump-Hook into Lane

Up & Under Move

Mikan Drill

Jump-Stop Mikan Drill


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