Newsletter #161

May 22, 2019


Today's Quote:  "I could have been a Rhodes Scholar except for my grades." - Duffy Daugherty / Michigan State

Today's Theme... Two Full-Court Transition Drills 

Two great full-court conditioning drills...

"Piston" - This full court drill emphasizes the speed dribble and lay-up, defensive hustle, and conditioning.

Pair up, each player has a partner, and each twosome has a ball. The first twosome on each end start with one player (O2) sprinting up to the wing and other (O1) passing in-bounds quickly to O2. The O2 speed dribbles the length of the court and goes in hard for the lay-up.

After making the in-bounds pass, O1 becomes a defensive player and sprints the length of the floor, tries to catch up and get ahead of O2, and prevent the lay-up. The shooter O2 then grabs the rebound, steps out of bounds and the roles are reversed for going back up the floor, on the opposite site of the court.

 Piston drill

"Pitch 'n Fire" - This offensive drill emphasizes full-court offensive transition skills and conditioning. Players will use the speed dribble, jump stop, passing and receiving on the move, and the lay-up. The re-bounder gets the ball out of the net and in-bounds it quickly.

Pair up, partners, and each twosome has a ball. The first twosome starts with one player (O2) sprinting up to the wing and O1 passing in-bounds quickly to O2.  O2 speed dribbles the length of the court to the free throw line, and passes off to O1, who runs full-speed up the sideline, and then cuts 45 degrees to the hoop, for the lay-up.

Pitch 'n Fire drill

The non-shooter (O2) grabs the rebound out of the net, before it can hit the floor, steps out of bounds and passes quickly into O1, who is now on the opposite wing, and they repeat the same drill going back up the floor on the opposite side of the floor. The next twosome in line starts when the first twosome reaches half court. The drill is continuous, no stopping.

  1. Stress that the re-bounder quickly snatch the ball out of the net and get it in-bounds, while his/her partner should be ready for the reception on the wing.
  2. The dribbler speed dribbles and comes to a jump stop before making the bounce pass for the lay-up.
  3. The shooter receives the pass on the move, and lays the ball in off the glass.
  4. This is a good conditioning drill!

Reverse the direction so that the players have to go up the left side of the court, speed dribbling and making the layup with the left hand.  Also see the link below for the
 "Pitch 'n Fire to Z-Drill" option, as well as several other excellent drills.

  See: Full-Court Transition Drills


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