Newsletter #188

June 10, 2020


Today's Quote:   "In a team sport like basketball, every time you help somebody else, you help yourself." - Pete Carril

Today's Theme... Circle Trap Drill

Coach Larry Shyatt (former University of Wyoming Head Coach and former Dallas Mavericks assistant coach) uses this drill to teach players how to trap anywhere on the court. It also is a good offensive ball-handling and passing drill, under pressure.

Setup: - Diagram 1 - use 6 players (3 yellow, 3 white) alternating around a circle. Each player takes one step back off the circle. You want the players to maintain this diameter circle and spacing throughout the drill. Coach has the ball.

The Drill:
Coach passes to any player - here O1. The adjacent opponents X1 and X3 immediately set a legal trap on O1. Trappers must have their feet wide and adjacent to each other with arms up and out. The player with the ball O1 is not allowed to dribble and tries to pass to either of his/her teammates, while the remaining defender X2 acts as an interceptor, gapping the two offensive players. O1 stays low and never puts the ball above his/her head as this would allow trappers to close in tighter. He/she uses pass-fakes and works on pivoting to make a pass.

circle trap drill

Diagram 2 - when the ball is passed (here to O3), X2 closes to trap and X3 immediately sprints out of the trap to now trap the ball again. X1 becomes the interceptor. And so the drill progresses. After a stop in play, next time the coach will pass to a player on the other team so that everyone gets both trapping and offensive work.
circle trap drill

With a 12-player team, you can run 6 on each end at the same time. You can also set the circles on different places on the court to mimic where you usually like to trap... e.g. near the endline if you like to trap off a full-court press, or near half-court for half-court or 1-3-1 trapping defenses.

See Coach Shyatt's video:

Larry Shyatt video

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