Newsletter #136

June 14, 2018


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Today's Quote:  "Don't give up, don't ever give up." - Jim Valvano

Today's Theme... 2 Last Second Full-Court Plays

Choosing a play depends on how much time is left, your team's strengths (best scorers), whether you need a two or three-point shot, and how many time-outs you have left. 

"Maryland" - you only have a few seconds left and must go the length of the floor, and you need a three-pointer. This play might at least get you a final shot.  We start in our usual "80" press break, so the defense thinks the pass will go to O1, who is actually a decoy.

On "go", O5 cuts hard to the half court line and receives the long pass. O2 and O4 take a couple steps toward the ball and then back-cut to the three-point arc on either side. O5 catches the ball, pivots and fires the pass to either O2 or O4, who gets the shot for the three-pointer.  It's a desperation attempt, but we once got a 3-pointer running this just before half-time.

Last second, desperation play - Maryland

"Lion" - Use this play when there is less than 4 seconds remaining. Diagram 1 shows the set-up.  Assuming O3 is right-handed, he/she starts on the left baseline area.  O4 fakes a screen for O1 and releases up the court.  O1 sprints up to the baseline and sets a back-screen on O3's defender, as O3 runs the baseline to the right side.  O1 could get fouled if the X3 defender runs over him/her, which is great if you are in the bonus.  O3 makes the long pass to O2 on right wing.

Last second play - Lion

O5 initially screened for O2 and O2 cuts to the wing for that long pass.  Depending on how much time is left (clock does not start until O2 touches the ball), O2 could shoot the 3-pointer, or pass into O5 for the quick post move, or aggressively dribble-drive to the middle, realizing that the defense will be avoiding the foul.

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