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Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

Today's Quote
"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

Today's theme is The "Read and React Offense".

The Read and React offense was developed by coach Rick Torbett (BetterBasketball.com). This newsletter just serves as an introduction... for more details, see "Notes on the Read and React Offense", or even better, get BetterBasketball's Read and React Offense DVD set. Below are some of my thoughts about it after having used it for a few years (varsity boys).

We like this offense a lot. We were formerly a motion offense team, but switched to the Read and React offense a few years ago. It basically is a motion offense, but with specific rules and "reads" for players without the ball. The player with the ball is free to do what he/she sees best... drive, shoot, or pass and cut. The other four players "read" the ball and react accordingly. We get more player movement and less standing around with this offense. And we can still call set plays... but if the play fails, we just fall back into the Read and React as our basic offense.

General Advantages
1. Similar to but different from motion offenses. In R&R, player with ball ("initiator") has options to do multiple things. The other four players ("reactors") read and react to what the guy with the ball does, and there is only one correct off-ball movement.

2. Very flexible... can use with almost any set... 3-2, 4-1, 5-out, 1-4 high, etc. Can be used in an up-tempo, quick attack offense, and in transition, or in a deliberate, slow offense. You can use it as your delay offense without changing anything... just tell players "lay-ups only".

3. Can be used against both man-to-man and zone defenses... so you don't need a separate zone offense.

4. You can run plays, but use the R&R rules once the play breaks down or fails.

5. Is a "system"... taught in 17 layers. Could start in 5th grade with layers 1 and 2, and add a layer every year as the kids progress. You can start it out with your varsity, teach first few layers and gradually add the layers as the weeks progress... makes you a better offensive team by tournament time. Varsity level players can progress through the layers more quickly given their skill level and maturity.

6. Makes your defense better by having to guard the R&R every day in practice.

7. Teach this offense by using R&R breakdown drills every practice, and 5-on-5.

The offense is taught in 17 layers:
Layer #1, Dribble-penetration
Layer #2, Baseline dribble-drive
Layer #3, Pass & Cut layer
Layer #4, Post-player adjustment to dribble-penetration
Layer #5, Dribble at - Back-cut
Layer #6, Power Dribble and Hand-off
Layer #7, Circle-Reverse
Layer #8, Back-screens
Layer #9, Multiple Staggered Screens
Layer #10, Advanced Post Player Reactions
Layer #11, 4-Out, 1-in Post Blocking
Layer #12, 4-out, 1-in Post Passing - Lakers Cuts, X-Cut, Corner Slide
Layer #13, 3-Out, 2-in Dribble-Penetration Game
Layer #14, Counter Help-side Defense - Pin and Skip Pass
Layer #15, Attacking Zone Defenses - the Read and React Zone Offense
Layer #16, Seamless Transition from Fast-break to Half-Court Offense
Layer #17, Flowing from Set to Set

Again, for the details of each layer, see "Notes on the Read and React Offense", and get BetterBasketball's Read and React Offense DVD set.

Link(s) from other sites: Del Harris Basketball Coaching Philosophy

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