Newsletter #163

June 26, 2019


Today's Quote:  "One of the highest compliments you can be paid is that you are a person of your word." - John Wooden

Today's Theme... Horns Elevation Offense 

An interesting new Horns offense from Tyler Whitcomb... get the DVD - Encyclopedia of the Elevation Offense!


  1. Create actions from the horns set with tremendous spacing.
  2. Can either push or slow tempo by running the actions and continuity.
  3. Gives your best players the most scoring opportunities.
  4. The elevator screen is a great pressure release.
  5. Elevator screen forces the opponent to prepare for you differently.
  6. Offense can be run to either side.

Diagram 1 shows the basic horns set.  O1 - point guard. O2 and O3 are your best shooters, and O4 and O5 are your screeners and slippers. 

Horns Elevation offense

Diagram 11 shows the dribble entry... O1 dribbles to either wing, O2 cuts up through an elevator screen set by O4 and O5, and O2 gets the pass back from O1 for an open 3-point shot at the top.

 Horns Elevation offense - dribble entry

Diagram 2 shows various options available after every elevator screen. O2 may get the shot. O4 could slip to the hoop for a pass from O1. O5 could make a diagonal ballside cut for a pass from O1. O1 could dribble-drive and score, or kick pass opposite to O3. 

Horns Elevation offense - options

The article "The Horns Elevation Offense" discusses transition into the offense, wing-pass entry, O1 iso attack, O1 drive and kick to O3, ballside post slip, weakside post diagonal cut, O2 back-cut (Up action), double action, and ball-screening for either corner O2 or O3.

Get the DVD - Encyclopedia of the Elevation Offense!


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