Newsletter #217

July 7, 2021

Today's Quote:  "I told him, 'son, what is it with you, ignorance or apathy?' He said 'Coach, I don't know and I don't care.'" - Frank Layden, Utah Jazz president on a former player


Today's Theme:  Special Play - Loyola

This is a good quick hitter if you have a good penetrating point guard.  The "L" in Loyola refers to the left seam that we want our point guard O1 to attack off the dribble.  This play works well if the defense is overplaying the right side.  Start in a 4-out set (diagram A).  You can also run this out of a 1-3-1 set, or a 3-out 2-in set with one post player high.

Loyola from 4-out
Notice how the left seam opens up for O1 when O5 and O4 move to the right block and elbow, and O3 drops down to the corner.


O1 dribbles left and attacks the left seam for a layup as the first option (diagram B), while O5 backscreens for O4 and then backscreens for O2. O4 moves to the block and O2 moves to the top as our safety. If O3's defender slides inside to stop O1, O1 passes out to O3 in the corner (diagram C) and then O1 screens for O4.


O4 cuts to the ball-side block, as O1 moves out to the opposite corner-wing area. O3 could shoot or pass inside to O4 posting up. If O3 takes the corner shot, O5 gets back-side rebounding position for the long rebound.


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