Newsletter #191

July 22, 2020


Today's Quote:   "You never realize the value of coaching until your children play for a coach." – Don Meyer

Today's Theme... How to Prepare Players for High School Basketball

Obviously, developing good fundamentals and skills - shooting, passing, dribbling, defending, rebounding, etc - are key. But there are more things to consider. High school coaches also look for:

  1. Attitude and Effort - work ethic, positive attitude, always giving your best effort.

  2. Basketball IQ - applying skills to game settings and how to read the opponent and situations.

  3. Quick Learner - it's easier to teach quick learners with good listening skills and focus.

  4. Buying into a Role - how a player can best contribute to the team.

  5. Make Shots - not all players are natural scorers, but must be able to knock down an open shot when the ball is passed to them, and must not force bad shots.

  6. Take Care of the Ball - turnovers will kill you and coaches can't play kids that keep turning the ball over.  Teach players to be strong with the ball, use pass fakes, and play under control.

  7. Creating for Others - how to get your teammates open - drive and kick, make the extra pass, set a great screen, and whatever else will help to create for teammates.

  8. Conditioning - commitment, there is no reason why every player shouldn't be in shape.  Players should be in shape at the start of the season and ready to go.

See: How Youth Coaches Can Better Prepare Their Players for High School Basketball by Kyle Ohman

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