Newsletter #248

September 14, 2022

Today's Quote:   "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." - Colin Powell



Today's Theme:  Coale Passing Drill

Here's a good team passing drill used by Sherri Coale (former University of Oklahoma Head Women's Basketball Coach; back-to-back NCAA Final Four appearances in 2009-2010; 10x Big 12 Championship Coach; Women's Basketball Hall of Fame). Also see the video below.

Diagram A shows how the drill is started. Two balls, each top player (O1 and O4) pass to the wings.  The wings O2 and O5 first V-cut and receive the pass in triple-treat position.

Coale passing drill

They then make a curl bounce-pass into the low post (diagram B). The post player chins it and then skip-passes to the opposite top player. And from here, the drill constantly repeats, with the pass from top to wing, wing to low post, post to opposite top (diagram C).

Coale passing drill

Player rotation - use two assistants as post defenders. Place extra players at the top spots. After passing to the wing, the top player goes to the wing line. The wing player moves to the low post and the post player moves to the opposite top position. Players just follow their passes to the next spot.

Coale passing drill

Points of emphasis - we want 25 "clean" catches. Wing players must make good sharp V-cuts and catch in triple-threat position. Everything must be game-speed. Wings make a good step-around bounce-pass into the post. Perimeter passers should use this drill to also practice pass-fakes. Receivers should call for the ball. Practice with good habits.

See:  Coale Passing DrilCoale passing drill video

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