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Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

Today's Quote
"As long as there are exams, there will be prayer in public schools."

Today's theme is "Sideline Out-of-Bounds Plays" - featuring just a few.
Having a good sideline play or two can make the difference in a close game.

This sideline play can be used as a standard sideline play or a half-court, last second play when we only have a few seconds left on the clock. O4 starts low and sprints up to receive the pass from O3. Meanwhile, O1 screens for O2 and after screening, cuts hard to the back-side wing for a quick pass from O4 and the shot, or lay-up, depending on how much time is left. After in-bounding the ball, O3 cuts to the left wing and could also get the pass and last-second shot. If both wings are covered, O4 may have to take the shot. If time is not a factor, O2 is our safety pass in the back-court.

Sideline out-of-bounds play

This sideline play also uses a "line" set (see diagrams above), and tries to get a lob pass to O2 going to the hoop. Of course, you can change this to fit your own personnel. O1 cuts into the back-court as our safety outlet. O2 cuts hard around O5 and O4. O3 looks to make the lob pass over the top to O2 cutting to the hoop. After O2 cuts, O5 moves to the ball-side wing area and O4 cuts straight toward the ball. If the pass goes to O1, O5 or O4, then just set up in your usual half-court offense.

This sideline play features a possible high lob pass to the basket, or a dribble-drive to the hoop. O2 screens for O1, and O1 is our safety inbounds receiver. In this play O3 is athletic and is very good at attacking with the dribble, or the pull-up jump-shot. O3 back-screens for O5, and O5 cuts hard to the hoop for a possible high lob pass and lay-up (or dunk). It's important for spacing that O3 sets this back-screen at or above the 3-point arc.

As soon as O5 cuts around the screen, O3 slips to the ball-side wing area, receives the inbounds pass, and immediately attacks the hoop with the dribble, or might instead choose a pull-up jump-shot. On the dribble-drive, O5 is on the weakside block for a possible bounce-pass from O3.

Another option is for the inbounds passer O4 to cut to the 3-point arc for a possible pass back from O3, and a 3-point shot.

Sideline out-of-bounds play 35

Also see "Sideline Out-Of-Bounds Plays".

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