Newsletter #249

September 28, 2022

Today's Quote:   "Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting." - Christopher Morley



Today's Theme:  Team Shooting Drills

Here are two of our team shooting drills.  For more drills, see:  Team Shooting Drills

We rotate these drills from practice to practice, trying to avoid boredom from the same old drill.

"45 Shooting" Drill

This is a fun, challenging drill.  Use both baskets with half of the team at each end.  Each player shoots nine sets of shots.  We start in one corner and rotate around each of the nine spots (seen in black in the diagram). Each set consists of a 3-pointer and a mid-range jump shot.
45 shooting drill
A rebounder rebounds the 3-point shot and passes back to the shooter who shot fakes and shoots a mid-range jumper. After the jump shot, the shooter becomes the rebounder for the next shooter. Each player keeps track of his/her own score. Three-pointers = 3 points and mid-range jumpers = 2 points. 

A perfect score would be 45 (nine 3's and nine 2's). Each player must try to achieve a score that you set for them (for varsity, we use a score of 28).  Any player who does not achieve the target score does push-ups. We intentionally make the target score somewhat difficult to achieve, so a lot of players usually end up doing push-ups! 

We keep track of our all-time highest score over the years to give our shooters more incentive to "break the record".  FYI - our all-time record best score (boys HS varsity) is 43.

"3-2-1 Shooting" Drill

This is a fun competitive drill.  Players partner-up.  Use all of your baskets.  Each player shoots nine sets of shots (see diagram). Each set consists of a 3-pointer, a shot-fake with jump shot, and a lay-up.  We start in one corner and rotate around each of the nine spots (seen in yellow in the diagram).

321 shooting drill
The partner rebounds and passes back to the shooter.  We rotate shooters after each set (spot) of "3-2-1", so the shooter becomes the rebounder and vice-versa.  The two players compete against each other and keep track of their individual scores.  Each made 3-pointer = 3 points, a jump shot = 2 points, and a lay-up = 1 point.  The loser does push-ups.

See:  Team Shooting Drills


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