Newsletter #197

October 16, 2020


Today's Quotes:   

"I make my practices real hard because if a player is a quitter, I want him to quit in practice, not in a game." – Bear Bryant / Alabama

Today's Theme... Fred Hoiberg's Transition Speed Drill

This full court drill emphasizes full-court transition, passing, catching, conditioning, and finishing lay-ups. See the video below.  Diagram 1 shows two rebounding lines (under the baskets), two outlet lines on the left sideline, and two cones on the right 3-point lines.

To start the drill, O1 passes to O2 sprinting in from the outlet line. O3 sprints the opposite sideline lane and gets the pass from O2 and scores the lay-up.
Hoiberg speed drillHoiberg speed drill

Diagram 2. Rebounder O4 quickly gets the ball out of the net and passes to O5 sprinting in from the outlet line. Notice that after passing to O3, O2 follows the pass and sprints around the cone and back up the right sideline. O5 passes to O2 and O2 finishes the lay-up. O2 goes to the rebounding line. After passing to O5, O4 goes to the outlet line.  Diagram 3 (on the website) shows further progression of the drill.

The drill is continuous for two minutes. Set a goal for your team... Coach Hoiberg wants 28 made lay-ups within two minutes.

For more diagrams and details, see Full Court Transition Offense Drills

Fred Hoiberg's video:

Ken French video


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