Newsletter #198

October 22, 2020

This newsletter usually comes out every 2 weeks, but I just came across a great resource that I thought you might be interested in as you are planning for the upcoming season.


Mastering the Princeton Offense

The Princeton offense is a free-lance offense with no set "pattern".  Instead, it's a way of playing offense using certain principles or actions that require offensive players to read the defense. Except for the 5 man, it is a position-less offense with the four perimeter players interchangeable. 

I have just posted "7 Basic Actions of the Princeton Offense" which briefly discusses the actions that form the foundation of the offense.  I got this from Quinn McDowell, who played the Princeton offense for four years at the College of William and Mary, where he was a prolific scorer and outstanding 3-point shooter.  After college, Quinn played professionally in Europe for four years, and now coaches at Lehigh University.

Coach McDowell has an excellent new online program, "Mastering the Princeton Offense".  Any coach serious about the Princeton offense should sign up for this course.  It is really well done and extensive... a "must" for any coach using the Princeton offense.  It includes a 47 page pdf download that details and diagrams all the actions, and includes quick hitters, drills, terminology, etc. 

The program includes many video clips of whiteboard discussions from Coach McDowell, and actual game video clips - film study - showing the actions of teams running the offense.

Mastering the Princeton Offense

As a massive bonus for every coach who enrolls in Mastering the Princeton Offense Quinn has included free access to his PREMIUM PDF LIBRARY. 

This library literally has hundreds of dollars in value if you were to purchase everything separately. The library includes:

- Ball Screen Continuity Playbook (40+ pages)

- Build Your Own Basketball Workout 

- The Book Vault (thousands of book notes)

- Personal Development Toolbox

- 5 Secrets of NBA Shooters Playbook

- Master Quote Lists

- Quick Hitter Playbooks

AND a lot more!!!

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Coach's Clipboard Premium Membership

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