Newsletter #252

November 9, 2022


Today's Quote:   On the Economy:  "A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore." - Yogi Berra

Today's Theme... Coaching Forms, Stats, etc.

Need forms?  Stats forms, shot charts, scouting, player eval, practice forms?

Download either the pdf or MS Word forms.  The MS Word documents can be edited, modified for your own needs.

Scouting #1    pdf    MS Word

Scouting #2    pdf    MS Word

Scouting #3    pdf    MS Word

Stats Form #1    pdf    MS Word

Stats Form #2    pdf    MS Word

Shot Chart #1    pdf  

Shot Chart #2    pdf    MS Word

Deflections    pdf    MS Word

Player Eval    pdf    MS Word

Practice Planner    pdf    MS Word

Practice Form    pdf    MS Word

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Use a special defense to shutdown a star player.
Teach your team how to break a press.

Email your comments or suggestions.

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