Newsletter #201

November 25, 2020

Today's Quote:  "Players play, tough players win." - Tom Izzo


Today's Theme - Rebounding Missed Free-Throws

Rebounding missed free-throws is often under-taught and failing to do so can cost you a close game. 

Defensive Free-Throw Rebounding

It's very important to secure the defensive rebound after a missed free-throw. When you are behind late in the game and you have to foul, you can't let the opponent get the rebound and maintain possession.

The defensive rebounders in the lowest space along the lane must block-out the adjacent opponents.  Before the shot, turn your body with the bottom foot back off the lane line (never have both feet touching the lane line). Most of your weight should be on the bottom foot. Keep your arms up with your elbows shoulder height.

Get close to the offensive player, with your top foot as near as possible to the offensive player.  When the ball hits the rim, immediately slide that foot over into the lane in front of the opponent. 

If you let your arms down, a savvy offensive player may put his arm on top of yours, pinning it down (swim move). Use your hands and arms also to feel which way the offensive player is going and block him/her out.

The rebounders in the top two lane positions should position themselves along the lane as close to the middle offensive player as possible. They must communicate. One, positioned next to the opponent's best rebounder, steps aggressively into the middle of the lane and "pinches" the offensive rebounder, by stepping into him from the top. The other boxes-out the shooter.

Free-throw boxing-out from coach Bruce Weber:

Bruce Weber Free-throw boxing out


Offensive Free-Throw Rebounding

To get the offensive rebound after a missed free-throw, the two rebounders on the lane attempt to get inside by using either a spin move to the baseline, or a swim move to the lane (see video below). If you sense the inside defender blocking you in the lane, spin baseline. If he is blocking you low, swim over him into the lane.

Another trick is for either of the rebounders to tip, or slap, the ball outside to one of their guards.

Coach Grey Giovanine: the "spin move" and the "swim move"

Spin and Swim Moves

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