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Today's Quote
"It takes no talent to hustle"... Hans Schmidt

Today's Theme... Becoming a Full-Court Pressing Team

Advantages of a Good Press Defense
A good press can quickly produce back-court turnovers, steals and easy baskets for your team. So it is an offensive weapon as such, and a way to come from behind, or a way to break open a close game, and a way to wear down a slower, less well-conditioned opponent. It may help nullify the opponent's "bigs", who may labor to get up and down the floor. You can turn the game into a "track meet", rather than a slow-down game that favors the opponent's big post players. The press keeps the opponent off-balance, changes the tempo of the game, and often has the opponent doing things they don't normally like to do. It often forces the opposing coach to use valuable time-outs. It favors a well-conditioned team with a deep bench, and with more substitutions, allows more of your players to get playing time.

Disadvantages of a Press Defense
A fair amount of practice time is required to develop a good, cohesive press. Also, remember that any press is a gamble (especially trapping defenses). You risk giving up the easy transition lay-up, and you have to be willing to accept that fact. If your players are not well-conditioned, fatigue can become a factor. Your players may be more apt to foul and get into foul trouble, so a good bench is very valuable in this regard as well as the fatigue issue. But you might want to press only in certain situations (e.g. after a made basket), or certain times of the game, as a "surprise" tactic.

We like the full-court match-up press defense for our high school level teams:
Match-Up Press Defense
Teaching the Match-up Full-Court Press - Breakdown Drills

When teaching the match-up press, we break it down with drills (see article above). The drill progression for teaching the match-up press looks like this:
1-on-1 drill
2-on-2 drill
2-on-2 cut and double drill
2-on-2 run and jump drill
3-on-3 drill
4-on-4 drill
5-on-5 drills vs various press break formations (1-Up, 2-Up, 3-Up, 4-Up) using "80" press and the "81" and "61" deny presses

Somwhat similar to the match-up press is the Run and Jump Press Defense

You might also choose a zone press such as:
1-2-2 Full-Court Zone Press

For youth teams, I favor a simple full-court man-to-man press:
Full-Court Man-To-Man Pressure Defense

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Stat Tracker for iPad
Stat Tracker for Android Devices

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Dave Robbins Circle Defense... review of the DVD and discussion and diagrams of the Circle zone defense.
Notes on John Wooden's UCLA Offense... review of the DVD/book and discussion of the High-Post and the High-Low offenses.
Keys to Becoming a Great Player... roles, training, intelligence, and determination - by Kyle Ohman.

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Out of the Past...
Did you know...
Dr. James Naismith invented the game in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts at Springfield College. He was a Presbyterian minister (but never preached)... and a doctor (but never practiced medicine)... and an educator and physical education teacher... and a basketball coach. He invented basketball for fun, as a simple physical education activity... not something to be serious about! He said often, "Basketball is just a game to play. It doesn't need a coach... you don't coach basketball, you just play it." Nevertheless, he became basketball coach at Kansas in 1900. The first baskets were not peach baskets as the story often goes, but were vegetable baskets nailed to the railing of an elevated circular running track, which just happened to be about 9 or 10 feet high.

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